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Author:  losethos [ Mon Jan 03, 2011 11:15 pm ]
Post subject:  WbInvd

You have to use WbInvd a few times in the start-up of multicore chips, but not later. I was lucky, in a way, because when I did multicore a couple years ago, I assumed the cache was not shared. I was lucky because I put WbInvd in the code for starting-it-up.

Go ahead and try to start-up multicore without WbInvd or something equivalent.

If you ever decide to turn-off cache, you should probably use WbInvd just before, too.

The OSDev guys are mocking me. They spend a lot of time doing that. OSDev is the place to start and if you're smart enough to question them, they ban you. I didn't start there, though.

Here is a 2004 Internet archive:

Here's the Web Archive home page

That shows LoseThos in 2004. It began as a 100% turbo assembler OS that launched from DOS and later free DOS. If you launch from DOS, it's in real mode and it has nothing stopping you from full access! You don't boot it, you run it!

The first thing I made was a compiler (interpretor at the time) for handling the command line. I wrote an assembler and was soon independent. I never used Bochs, but that's probably not bad advice. I always cared a lot more about real hardware than VM or emulators.

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