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Author:  ~ [ Thu Oct 31, 2019 11:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Internet-based OS

It would be a good idea to build an OS
from all of the code that we have from the Internet
and other places, understand the tricks, have
a repository of all function versions, and programs,
even an OS, with a download script that will just
download the required source files and the main program
source file will only be a glue code file, the rest will have
to be downloaded from a fresh repository.

This repository needs to have all of the functions in all
programming languages, but starting with raw manual
x86 assembler for NASM, then translated to other
languaages and tools.

Knowing the trricks, and having a fresh repository
accompanied by clear explanation of the tiniest
low level detail, we can make possible to reuse
all of the code from the Internet, although we will
surely need to modify all of it for making it
the cleanest possible and also ready for downloading
as separate files that fit each program that we download
in source form basically as a download script and glue code
to shape the particular application.

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